As a productivity coach, I specialize in conquering procrastination around doing your most important work. I do this by helping you build resilient habits, optimized productivity systems, and creative routines.

There will always be one thing which is most limiting you from realizing your goals, which if removed or improved would make everything easier. While this limit is in place, any updates to other parts of your system will not result in any visible improvement. Thus, your highest leverage action at all times is to find and eliminate this limit from your life.

My goal as your coach is to accelerate the discovery process through planned experimentation as well as adding customized structure and accountability to create sustainable behavioral change.

This is about results: making measurable, permanent progress towards your goals.  There are no shortcuts here.  

I want to work with you if you are:

An entrepreneur, a side-hustler, or highly autonomous within your organization.
Process-oriented. Autodidactic. An independent thinker.
A “verb”: a constant work-in-progress with a growth mindset. Open to experimentation.
Understanding of compound returns and willing to invest to flatten learning curves.

My coaching, by design, is very hands-on and I optimize for personal impact and accessibility.  Thus, I need to limit the number of clients I can work with at any given time.

That being said, if you are truly serious… we can make some absurd progress together. If you can change your habits, you can change your life.

If you’re interested, enter your name and email below and I’ll be in touch with more details.

My Specialties

1) Systematized Winning

Consistent high-level output comes from a repeatable process and we improve what we measure. When we have built a repeatable system, created feedback loops, and optimized your workflow all you will have to do every day is show up and execute.

2) Habit Formation

Habits are life’s loopholes, allowing you to upgrade yourself with a fixed expenditure of energy at the habit’s creation rather than an ongoing drain on your willpower. Luckily, the science behind building them is well-understood and after years working on strengthening my own habits we can save a great deal of time and frustration.

3) Conquering Procrastination

Feelings of procrastination cannot be eliminated but its effects can be limited by building up momentum from small wins. Together we will build a resilient creative routine to get into a state of peak productivity and shape your environment to avoid distraction.

Coaching Benefits

If you are accepted as a client, you will receive:

  1. Skype sessions twice a month for one hour each, scheduled at your convenience. We spend the entire time solving whatever is most limiting you right now.
  2. For every session, I prepare a customized lesson plan for you with exercises designed to uncover obstacles and generate solutions.
  3. After every session, you receive a complete action plan with specific instructions on how to implement what we have discussed into your life and workflow.
  4. I will also send you a detailed outline of notes and the audio recording from each session so you can focus completely on our conversation and the exercises.
  5. Weekly email check-in where I hold you accountable, review your progress and give specific and actionable feedback on what you can do to improve.
  6. Included calls with expert partners in areas overlapping with productivity such as health/fitness, creativity, writing/speaking, relationships, and more, where you can ask any questions on your mind.
  7. Books and articles so that you can build stable mental models around our discussions.  I have read 100’s of books and articles on productivity, psychology, and personal development and I will save you countless hours by sharing only what is most actionable and relevant.
  8. Unlimited questions answered via email.  Think of me as your wartime consigliere.
  9. Productivity Planner and Five Minute Journal for starting and ending your day in the right way as well as tracking your work tasks.  I buy these for you because they have had such a big impact for me and I want to give you every opportunity available to succeed.
  10. Custom templates for planning and tracking your output, habits, and schedule. I will teach you how to implement these for increased organization, efficiency, and adherence.

Are you interested in growing faster than you ever thought possible?

If so, enter your email below and I’ll be in touch with more details.


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